Are you willing to spend the necessary time over the next 10 years caring & loving for your Saint Bernard? Owning a dog requires a lot of hard work but the companionship & affection shown in return is very rewarding. However you must be prepared to care for your dog properly including a properly fenced property, correct feeding, water supplied at all times, daily exercise, grooming & basic training.

Saint Bernards do slobber & some of them slobber quite a lot. You need to decide whether the dog will be allowed in the house. P.S. There really is no such thing as a dry mouth St. Bernard. Some slobber less than others, but they all slobber. When you go outside to play with your dogs don’t wear good clothes.

Are you willing to invest the time necessary to raise a puppy. Puppies require a lot of work. Young puppies require someone at home during the day. Human contact is very important.