Let’s address the elephant in the room- with a very large Avery label.  Not all magic is good.  Not all magicians are good.  Some good magicians are not entertaining, and appear to be dreading every minute of their time with you.  My magic is funny.   Probably not gonna fool you, but hopefully WILL make you laugh and smile.   If you’re at my webpage, since I don’t really advertise too much and consider myself a working amateur, I hope you’ve seen me do some magic and want me to help you with your event.  Give me a call let’s see if we can work out some entertainment that will entertain your guests and fit the budget.

Performing magic for kids at a corporate sponsored party.

Twisting balloons for some wedding guests

Twisting balloons for some wedding guests


I saw my first magic trick at around age 8 at a county fair, was invited on stage to assist.  I was immediately taken by being on stage, and by magic.  I spent the next few weeks (ok, months) cajoling my parents into taking me to a magic store.  I learned I could by the secret to the trick I saw on stage.. and sadly that the trick required practice.  I spent many years after that buying tricks that required no practice (at least for the trick).

It’s not magic if you’re doing it for yourself.